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Free Filing for Qualifying Families

We want you to get all the money you worked for this past year. Our tax filing clinics can help if you qualify.

If your family’s 2023 total income was $70,000 or less, you claim at least one child on your taxes and you live in Central Ohio, you qualify! No fees, no charges, no hidden catches. Just free expert help from trusted partners like Nationwide Children’s Hospital, United Way of Central Ohio, CelebrateOne and StepOne.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

Identification (ID)

  • Picture ID for you and your spouse (Driver’s License, State ID or Passport) *
  • Social Security or ITIN for you, your spouse and any dependents *

Tax Forms

  • W2s
  • Other income forms like 1095, 1098 or 1099
  • Letter 6419 – This letter documents any advance Child Tax Credit payments received in 2023
  • Notice 1444 – This letter documents Economic Impact payments (stimulus) received in 2023. If payments were missed, they can be claimed when you file your 2023 taxes.
  • Social Security income statements
  • Pension income statements

Expense Documents

  • Childcare provider expenses
  • Tuition, student loan and school expenses
  • Receipts
  • Mileage logs
  • “Gig” documents from places like Uber or Lyft

Other Important Items

  • Routing and account numbers for direct deposit
  • Last year’s tax return (if available)

* Required document

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